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Diana Søndergård

Legal Counselor/ Advisor for the Energy Industry & Offshore Business.

Especially regarding Oil and Gas projects.


Get a committed legal counselor on your team who is:

  • Experienced with working abroad in teams.
  • Have an affinity for international law and the various guidelines.
  • There for you throughout the entire project.
  • With a solid network and the resources herein.


A legal counselor capable of:

  • Terms & Conditions that match both yours and your international clients expectations.
  • Contract management
  • Tendering Process
  • Team Leader / Assisting Team Leader when needed.
  • Legal counseling throughout the entire process.
  • Communication and coordination between the various teams and clients both abroad and in Denmark.
  • Adding, the often much needed structure and format, to the project and its processes ensuring an easier workflow


Recent Projects:

Oil Project in Mumbai, India

Ekstern Legal Counsellor/ Advisor for Marine Scada